How to be faithful in your God given ministry

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1.    Know your ministry and do it.

Discover what ministry God built in you, plan to do it and just do it. Find out what is your spiritual gift, your heart and passion, your ability, personality and life experiences. These will help you find out what God gave you to do and how best you can express it. Faithfulness is all about staying true to what you are asked to do. Find out your ministry and start doing it; even when you face tough time doing it, just keep doing it. This is one way to be faithful.

2.    Stay on your ministry and don’t covet other people’s ministry.

Stay on your ministry and don’t get diverted and distracted by so many things happening around you. It is very easy to get distracted when you are looking at other people’s ministry. Remember that your own ministry is very unique and needed in its own right; no matter how small or big. You will face a lot of challenges as you fulfill your ministry. This should not make you quit because it is just a test of your faithfulness. Your faithfulness will be tried and contested by the devil. If there is anything the devil will fight in your life as a Christian; it is your faithfulness to God. Job’s faithfulness was tried by the devil. He believed he was loyal to God because of his prosperity, success and good health, so he attacked all these but Job remained faithful and loyal to God. At the end, God rewarded his faithfulness. Stay on your ministry no matter what.

3. Be consistent with your ministry.

Consistency is the secret of growth in the ministry. If you constantly use your gifts; it will grow and enlarge. Also consistency is the true measure of your faithfulness. If you are faithful you will persist and persevere. Make up your mind to persevere and persist no matter what comes your way. If you do this you will come out at the other side as being faithful. Believe, keep acting, and keep doing what God want you to do. It may not be popular; it may not be big or it may not be as attractive or lucrative; in as much as you have discovered it is what God want you to do, keep doing it. God will reward you on what he asked you to do and not on what is popular that you have done.

4.    Ask for God’s help.

I am the Vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, the same brings forth much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing. (Joh 15:5)MKJV

Whatever God gave you to do cannot be done in your human strength. The work of ministry in Christ is a spiritual assignment and not a natural assignment. You are just a coworker with God; you are in partnership with Him. You need to depend on Jesus Christ for all spiritual strength you need to fulfill your ministry. The word of God, prayer, personal fellowship with God and fellowship with other brethren in the church are God’s provision for you to keep in touch with His strength and spiritual ability. Always ask God for help because without Him you can do nothing. Let there be no time when you feel like you can do it on your own.

Faithfulness is the key. The key to successful ministry in the sight of God is faithfulness. God want you to be faithful; in fact He boasts of the faithfulness of His children to Him. Stop pursuing status ministry. Don’t try to do ministry with the mind of attaining great and high status in life. Let your goal in ministry be to be faithful to your call. I love one of the hymns titled “it pays to serve Jesus”. The last line of the chorus says “I will be a true soldier; I will die at my post”. Can you make that your own determination also as you fulfills your ministry? Remember God is pleased only by your faith. Your faithfulness will make you do a ministry pleasing unto God and not to man. Be faithful; pursue faithfulness in ministry and it will lead you to a life pleasing to God.

Victor OlaJesu

Disciple Makers Coach