3 Most Important Things In The Life Of A Disciple: every successful disciple maker must know.

I want to show you the 3 most important things in the life of a true Disciple of Christ.

Do you want to succeed in the disciple-making ministry? Do you want to successfully help people become true disciples of Christ?

If your answer is yes, then you must know and understand the three most important things in the life of any disciple of Christ.
When these three things are missing, then the person is not a disciple.

A disciple learns from Jesus Christ. Without these things the disciple cannot learn from Jesus Christ correctly.

So many people had ventured into the disciple-making ministry without the full acknowledgement of these three factors.

This has resulted into some level of failure in their disciple-making ministry. It as also resulted into non productive strategies.

They may only succeed in raising people who do not manifest the true characteristics of true disciples. Most of these disciples are so dependent on the disciple maker and never be able to fetch for themselves.

This is not God’s plan for his people. God wants obedient disciples who knows God personally, obeys God wholeheartedly and could make Christ known to others.

Such disciple must not be dependent on the disciple makers to be spoon-fed by them for life. This is a great burden to the minister and the Church.

For you to succeed in your disciple-making ministry, you must understand these three most important factors in the life of any true disciple of Christ.

You must build these things in them first and early enough.

I will be showing you these three factors in this blog. I believe it will help transform your strategy and approach to the disciple-making ministry.
These are the three most important factors in a disciple’s life.

# 1. The disciple must be hearing from Christ personally.

A Disciple of CHRIST is a learner who learn from Jesus Christ directly by listening to what Jesus Christ is saying.

Jesus said “my sheep hears my voice and obey me”. If the disciple is not hearing from Christ (not from you) how can he learn from him and obey him?

Teach the disciple to hear from Christ on his own. This is the first lesson you must teach the disciple.
Teach them how to hear from Christ through his word and the body of other believers.

# 2. The disciple must be obeying Christ personally.

True Disciples obeys the master in all things and always.

A Disciple learns from Christ by practice.
Jesus said “if you obey my commandments you remain in me”.

Obeying what Christ says transforms the disciple and glorifies the Father.

Develop a strategy that teaches the disciple to know how to hear from Christ and obey him as early as possible.
In this way you will be set to produce authentic Disciple of CHRIST.

# 3. The disciple must be sharing with others personally.

True disciples are good advocates of their master. They spread the word of their master every where they go.
This is how the disciple makes more Disciples for the master.

Like the Samaritan woman, true Disciples tell others: “come see a man who told me all about myself”. She told them what the master told her and she had a big harvest of more Disciples for Christ in Samaria.

Do you have a plan to teach and coach the disciple to share with people daily what they heard or received from Christ?

This is how the disciple becomes a disciple maker CHRIST want all his disciples to be.

As a disciple maker, your success lies in making Disciples who hears, obeys and make Disciples of CHRIST.

Knowing this and Teaching the disciple very early to do these will enable you to raise growing and maturing disciples in a short time.

I hope this has blessed you.

How do you think a Disciple-Maker can do this better? Comment Bellow to share your insights.

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Peace to you.

Your Disciple Makers Coach
Victor OlaJesu.

©August 1, 2020.


11 thoughts on “3 Most Important Things In The Life Of A Disciple: every successful disciple maker must know.

      1. As a disciple maker, you need to know that the disciples are God’s own and so teach them according to God’s will then allows the owner to perfect the grooming.

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  1. You’re a blessing to this generation….. As a disciple maker, love must be part of his/her attribute in other to succeed with assignment given to him/her by God. Matthew 22:37-39

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