The most driving factor in choosing marriage partners among people today is love. Other factors include money and materials.

And the greatest desire people have for their marriage is Peace and Harmony. Unfortunately most marriages today do not experience Peace and Harmony.

They don’t experience Peace and Harmony because the main ingredient that causes Peace and Harmony is absent. This ingredient surprisingly is not love, not money, not materials but purpose or passion.

I will be talking about what makes purpose very important and must not be neglected or negotiated.

What is Marriage?
Marriage is more than a union between a man and a woman.

It is union between a man and a woman for a Good given purpose.

The purpose factor in any marriage union is very important.

Every marriage is made by God to fulfill a particular purpose on Earth.

This purpose is in-built in the people coming together for marriage. Especially in the man because he is suppose to lead the new home on mission.

The woman is to support and complement him as a team to work together to fulfill the mission.

Wherefore, whenever you want to choose a marriage partner, you should look beyond the love factor and also look at the purpose factor.

Does what gives this person fulfillment, gives me Joy? If the answer is no; please don’t venture into it.

If whatever gives your partner Joy or fulfillment becomes a competitor to you, there is a very significant problem.

You cannot be unhappy with what makes him/her happy. No matter how strong the love and feeling is, it will die.

You cannot kill any man’s or woman’s God given passion. You can only complement it or flow with it if you want Harmony to occur.

We are not just created for love, we are also solely created for purpose.

The passion am talking about is not about money or materials, all these do pass away easily. It’s beyond these; it’s the passion to make a particular impact in life.

Please don’t marry a partner who is not happy about your purpose and passion. Don’t marry a partner you are not happy with his or her passion or purpose no matter the love.

Mary a partner you love and you love his/her purpose. Don’t marry for love alone. Marry for the love of the person and for the love of the passion or purpose.

Marriage is a TEAM to fulfill a PASSION in life.

@Victor OlaJesu
Godly Marriage Advocate.

July 7, 2020. | Akure, Ondo State. Nigeria



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